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IMBIBE Collagen eyes


Lifts, plumps, and brightens delicate eyes with the power of plant-based collagen, rich hyaluronic acids and active bakuchiol. Pentavitin™ saturates skin with 72 hours of clinical hydration, locking in sustained moisture and skin glow.




The future of skincare is Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate. This biomimetic formula transcends the ordinary realms of skincare, defying the visible signs of ageing with unparalleled efficacy. This is the seed of youth scientifically formulated to deliver a facelift in a jar.

Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate is a 360-degree approach to revitalizing even the most tired, puffy eyes. Through a next-generation combination of intense hydration, nourishing fatty acids, and clinically proven collagen peptides, this concentrate actively targets and diminishes wrinkle depth while infusing a radiant brightness into your skin.


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